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Banner Image New 2018 Softail Motorcycles

Banner Image New 2018 Softail Motorcycles

Fat Boy® 114

The Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy 114 is one of those bikes that simply cannot be ignored. It has bigger front forks, fatter fenders, and aggressive styling that runs all throughout. There’s an extra wide 240mm rear tire, which doesn’t just look good, but also serves a practical function. Namely, more rubber means more traction, and when you’ve got a Milwaukee-Eight® 114 V-Twin engine powering this beast, you know the bike makes great use of that extra traction to devour mile after mile of road.

Heritage Classic 114

The Heritage Classic from Harley-Davidson has always given riders an intense way to enjoy the road, but this year, it gets even better thanks to custom styling and an upgraded engine. The blacked-out features break from the tradition of chrome finishes that you’re used to seeing, and this modification adds that layer of attitude that you need to assert your presence on the road.


After a long tradition of excellence, Harley-Davidson kept the Softail Deluxe design in line with previous models, but made significant upgrades to the style and power. The white wall tires, spoke wheels, and beautiful fenders now shine even brighter surrounded by an elegant chrome trim, which serves as an homage to the timeless bikes we originally fell in love with. The lighter frame also makes it quicker on its feet than ever before, especially when you factor in the jaw-dropping power of the Milwaukee-Eight® 107 V-Twin engine.

Softail Slim®

A serious rider needs a no-nonsense bike, and the Harley-Davidson® Softail Slim achieves that through minimal styling and a significantly trimmed-down frame. The chopped fenders give it an edge when taking sharp turns. Not to mention, now that it’s dropped 35 pounds in weight, you can get up to those high speeds faster than ever before. Of course, this model once again features the Milwaukee-Eight® 107 V-Twin engine, which is bound to be a stout addition to the unforgettable Harley legacy.

Breakout® 114

The Harley-Davidson® Breakout 114 is where subtlety disappears and unmistakably superior styling comes into play. Other riders can see it from a mile away the double spoke wheels, the 240mm rear tire, both emphasized even more strongly by a trimmed down frame and longer wheelbase. It embodies the essence of the modern dragster. And since it’s so carefully detailed, Harley also equipped it with the formidable Milwaukee-Eight® engine, which has an optional 107 or 114 displacement.

Fat Bob® 114

As an ex-member of the Dyna family, the Fat Bob 114 has brought a powerful new motorcycle to the Softail lineup. With stronger styling and an incredible show of force, this bike is sure to dominate on any road, whether you’re competing for speed, elegance of design, or anything else for that matter. The Milwaukee-Eight® V-Twin engine makes an appearance once again, while new features like the 2-1-2 exhaust and stretched headlight make this model one of the most attractive bikes you’ll ever see on the road.


Street Bob®

The Harley-Davidson® Street Bob has proven that Harley knows how to build something beautiful from two respected bike designs. It used to be a Dyna, and it’s kept many of the same design features, like the optional wire spoke wheels, mini-ape handlebars, and custom suspension boots. However, it’s now built on the Softail chassis, which means it has a premium suspension system with hidden rear shocks, as well as a light frame that lets that Milwaukee-Eight® engine launch it down the street with ease.

Low Rider®

Get lower to the pavement and enjoy every rotation of the tires when you ride a Harley-Davidson® Low Rider. This bike is sure to stand the test of time, thanks to the inclusion of ‘70s style graphics and a unique wheel design. This 2018 model is also the lightest Low Rider to ever come out of the shop, meaning that you get even more intensity out of its low profile frame.

Come join in on the new custom revolution! All you have to do is test ride one of these 2018 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, and we’re confident you’ll be impressed with the unstoppable power and fierce designs that run across the entire lineup.