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Cruiser Motorcycle Features

Cruiser Motorcycle Features

The stylish allure of classic motorcycles from the middle of the 20th century is alive and well at the end of every Harley factory line, and you won’t find more of that awesome power and great style than in a Harley-Davidson® cruiser.

At Twisted City Harley-Davidson® we believe Harley puts out the meanest looking cruisers around, and that’s not speaking of the big power you get as well. We want to share these great bikes with our customers, so we invite you to read this quick guide to some of the best aspects of Harley cruisers or to head into our showroom in Wichita, Kansas, where we proudly serve Salina, Hays, Derby, McPherson, and Hutchinson.

Classic Style

Cruisers are easily recognizable for their feet-forward riding position, with hands up and spine erect or leaning back. Harley cruisers are street-eating machines, often equipped with high-mounted handlebars and extended front fork for aggressive attitude. They look great in chrome or a more stripped-down paint scheme. Their power is accompanied by an unmistakable roar from air-cooled engines. Heavy on style, aesthetics take center stage. Great for short rides and urban cruising, these bikes will turn heads and keep you low to the road.

Modern Performance

At the heart of every Harley cruiser beats the heart of a barely-tethered beast in the form of a large displacement V-twin engine tuned for low-end torque. Not only does this make these bikes less demanding on riders by reducing acceleration and gear shifting frequency, but it offers a close-to-the-road feel that you just can’t get with other motorcycles. That means you get a mean powerplant churning out thunderbolts and all the control and handling to keep that power focused on the road ahead.

The Future of Customization

Cruisers look amazing from the moment they leave the factory line, but most riders want to customize them in some way. Once you find a cruiser with a base you like, you can tackle the styling of it, changing the look and the feel of the ride. Your average cruiser doesn’t have a great turning ability due to their low-slung design, but customization can amend this by making it easier to lean the bike during turns. Otherwise, you can alter the look by adding or removing parts and fixtures. Whatever you want to alter about your bike, your local motorcycle dealer can help you choose the right customization packages for the model you have.

Those looking for an embodiment of American muscle forged from smoke and steel and formed onto two wheels, then look no further than a Harley-Davidson® cruiser! If you’re after a test ride or just to check out a few bikes for yourself, don’t hesitate to call ahead or visit our showroom in Wichita, Kansas. Twister City HD is also proud to serve Salina, Hays, Derby, McPherson, and Hutchinson, Kansas. Come in today and have a friendly chat with one of our experts. We’ll answer your questions and show you the true meaning of customer satisfaction!