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Custom Touring Bikes

Custom Touring Bikes

Custom touring bikes have tweaks to their comfort, performance, and style. It's a simple investment to unleash the full potential of your ride. We rounded up the most common upgrades to touring motorcycles below. For all your custom touring bike needs, visit Twister City Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those in Wichita, McPherson, and Salina, Kansas.

Why Buy Custom Packages

When people decide to upgrade their touring bikes, they tend to change many things at once. Sure, you can hunt down each individual part. But then you must check every one for the correct pricing, year, color, and condition. This is a big, unnecessary time suck when custom packages exist!

Custom packages for touring motorcycles conveniently gather up multiple items in a similar category. You get multiple upgrades in one go. You also get guaranteed compatibility. Each custom package is tested to ensure compatibility with various touring bikes. Without compatibility, you could end up installing a part that damages your touring motorcycle. Or the piece may not fit to begin with so you waste time returning or reselling it. Or maybe the piece fits, but the color scheme is off and it hurts the aesthetic of your custom touring bike. Custom packages for touring bikes give you guaranteed fit as well as guaranteed matching of your motorcycle's style.

Vengeance Essentials Touring Package

Touring motorcycles are made for long-distance riding, which makes rider comfort a necessity. You can handle an uncomfortable ride when you're just zipping down the road. But when you are riding for hours, you don't want your muscles and joints to call it quits before you're ready to.

This package offers an adjustable backrest, which does wonders for your ride enjoyment. Ride your custom touring bike at the ideal angle for your height. Get rid of the annoyance of engine heat with mid-frame air deflectors. They cycle out cool air so you don't notice the heat.

A key part of ride comfort is ride enjoyment! Enjoy the Boom!™ Audio radio system which offers a hidden antenna AM/FM/WB system for crystal clear sound. Throw in a rider backrest organize for better storage of your odds and ends such as your keys, wallet, and other doodads.

Vengeance Performance

Touring bikes need high-performance capabilities to handle riding for hours on end. This upgrade turns custom touring bikes into lean, mean, powerful machines. The Pro Street Tuner analyzes data about your engine so you can calibrate an ideal performance. This also helps improve your fuel economy.

The Milwaukee-Eight® State II affects your torque when riding in the lower RPM ranges. It'll increase to above one hundred ft-lbs when you cruise between 2500 and 4500 RPMS. You'll notice a difference in your acceleration right away!

Reaper Touring Package

For boosting both the performance and style of touring motorcycles, this choice reigns supreme. The Electra Glo™ LED saddlebag running lights, brake lights, and turning lights get lit up for improved style. The Street Cannon Performance Exhaust increases your fuel efficiency and power. Touring motorcycles will find it easier to take air in and out, which boosts the performance.

We hope you found our guide helpful! For all your motorcycle needs, visit Twister City Harley-Davidson®. Our friendly staff can help assist with the upgrade finding and installation process. If you are looking for a new ride, check out our wide selection of new and used touring motorcycles. We proudly serve those in Wichita, McPherson, Salina, Derby, and Hutchinson, Kansas. Whatever you need, you can find it with us!