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The New 2019 FXDR™ 114

The New 2019 FXDR™ 114


Your experience on the latest 2019 H-D motorcycle will be without rival, so you’ll be the king or queen of the road when you twist the throttle of your FXDR™ 114 and speed off from every green light. Visit Twister City H-D in Wichita to check out this new Harley bike for yourself!

Performance With Power

One of the top features of the new FXDR™ is its powerful Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine that gives you unmatched performance in a Softail®. Loaded up with enough torque to coast down entrance ramps with ease and roll on passing power like you never have before, the FXDR™ 114 will give you all the speed you could ask for on those straight highway stretches while providing you with sufficient agility to tackle corners without any hindrance. All of this makes for a bike with the kind of stunning performance that riders have previously only dreamed of. A 2-1-2 exhaust that’s bold and rumbling gives you that signature Harley-Davidson roar that lets everyone know exactly what you’re riding.

Optimal Handling

The FXDR™ draws its inspiration from the Screamin’ Eagle® line of NHRA dragsters, with a redesign of their Heavy Breather air intake systems that improve the airflow to the engine with an exposed filter element that’s forward-facing. New Harley-Davidson® motorcycles improve upon previous designs all the time and the FXDR™ is exemplary of this attention to innovation and always moving forward.

An innovative racing-style fork with single-cartridge technology ensures that your front tire will stay on the road when you hit the brakes or turn so you’ll experience superior handling, courtesy of the designers at Harley-Davidson who’ve got your back. The monoshock rear suspension on board the FXDR™ 114 features a single coil-over-shock with emulsion technology, further improving how the bike handles. Finally, the angle between the swingarm and frame has been optimized to enhance the travel and response time of the FXDR™. These are just a few examples of how Harley-Davidson pays attention to details and focuses on creating an optimum riding experience.

Sleek, Modern, Light In Weight

With a reinvented Softail® frame built to provide superior agility on the highway, the FXDR™ 114 turns Harley riders’ dreams into reality. The frame of the FXDR™ is constructed from composite and alloy materials that make it lightweight without sacrificing the muscle that the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 powertrain provides. This one-of-a-kind design also improves upon the dynamic capability of the Softail® chassis.

Let’s not overlook the clean lines of the stretched fuel tank design, which lengthens the bike’s profile to give it that signature aggressive styling common to Harley’s classic Softail® motorcycles. The modern features packed onto the FXDR™ include a LED Daymaker™ headlamp, keyless ignition, a digital riser gauge and LED turn signals to truly usher this bike into the 21st century with a tip of the hat to Harley-Davidson’s legendary history.

Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this new Harley model! Come to the Twister City showroom near Hays, Salina, and Junction City to view our selection of new Harley-Davidson bikes, including the Harley® FXDR™ 114. Our dealership proudly serves the greater Wichita area!