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Motorcycle Riding With a Passenger

Fortunately, there are various ways to get the most out of your thrills. Perhaps it’s time to give riding with a passenger a try. Whether you prefer to bring a friend or family member along for the fun, there’s plenty of adventures that await. Before you depart, you should take some time to learn how to prepare for this type of ride. After all, it’s not the same as hitting the road solo. Fortunately, Twister City Harley-Davidson® has you covered.

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Gear Up

For those experienced motorcycle riders out there, you already know how important it is to choose the right gear. This is even more critical when you add a passenger to the equation. No matter what their skill level is, you should set aside some time for discussing gear choices with your passenger. Keep in mind that you have a huge responsibility as the operator of the bike. You’re in charge of someone else’s safety now, too.

First of all, you’ll both need to be wearing a helmet when you ride the motorcycle together. If you have a spare available, you can lend it to them if it fits. A helmet should fit properly and not slide around or wiggle as you move your head. This indicates that it won’t be able to offer maximum protection in a fall or crash. Another piece of gear you’ll both need is clothes that are appropriate for the ride. Your passenger can opt for heavier, more durable clothing. A jacket and pants combo that’ll hold up on the road should suffice. If they’re planning to start riding on a regular basis, it might be worth it to invest in riding apparel.

Prepare Your Bike

Next, it’s time to make sure your bike is prepared for the occasion. As with any other day of riding, you’ll need to perform a thorough inspection. When you bring a passenger along, you’ll have a few extra steps in the process. Confirm that your motorcycle is equipped to handle the additional weight. There are many touring models that perform quite well with another rider. However, there are other models out there that simply aren’t built for two riders. As a general rule of thumb, the quality of your ride should never be compromised due to the extra weight.

Remember, this could be your passenger’s first time riding a motorcycle. If that’s the case, they probably don’t know what to expect from the experience. Make it a point to have a candid conversation with them about riding techniques before you head out. You should establish a means of communication to use on the road, like hand signals. Teach them about the basics or accelerating, turning, braking, leaning into curves, and navigating high-traffic areas. You’ll both enjoy the experience so much more when you’re on the same page.

Safety Practices

Lastly, there are some extra safety practices you’ll want to be aware of when you ride your motorcycle with a passenger. Pay very close attention to them when they’re trying to communicate with you. You should also be tuned into your surroundings. Remember, these vehicles accelerate much harder than cars do. If you have a seat without backing, your passenger will jerk around quite a bit. You can attempt to avoid this by going easy when you accelerate and brake.

We hope these tips have been helpful. If you’re still searching for the perfect motorcycle, visit us at Twister City Harley-Davidson. We’re located in Wichita, KS, near Salina. We also serve Derby and McPherson.