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Automobilia 2022 Fun for Riders and Muscle Car Lovers!

Automobilia 2022 Fun for Riders and Muscle Car Lovers!

The Twister City Harley-Davidson Crew and Harley Angels recently were asked to participate in the 2022 Moonlight Car Show Automobilia.  This Charity Car show presented by Walster Auto Campus is free to attend and free for all the vendors.  A complete list of all the generous sponsors that made this possible can be found at the links at the bottom of this article, but what that means is there were a lot of cars, bikes, and people!  Our Harley Angels were busy taking photos and greeting customers!

Twister City brought out the replica Captain America motorcycle that always draws a crowd!  This classic will also be on display at our Hot Rod Saturday coming up September 24th at the dealership!

The Harley Angels Awarded the Top 5 winners of the evening: (unfortunately, only two of the winners were present)

1st - 1949 CADILLAC
Bruce Cowwell
2nd - 1959 Chevy Apache
Bob and Donna Aldrich
3rd - 1969 Ford Mustang
Scott Gimple
4th - 1963 Chevy Belair
BoB Moorhouse
5th 1969 Chevy Camero SS
Darren Cox

Chuck Kerls Trophy
2010 Chevy Camero SS

We all had a great time connecting with our customers and the night ended with some amazing fireworks by the Train Museum!

If you have never attended this evening car show event, you should look it up next year!